The private company POIMEX has for many years been engaged in manufacturing and installing PVC windows and doors, to the pleasure of our customers. In order to make the top quality PVC joinery we use profiles made by German company GEALAN, and we are very proud of cooperating with such a prominent name on the market. Also, we use Sigenia steel reinforcements.

POIMEX manufactures the PVC joinery in its own business hall, manufacturing factory equipped with the most up-to-date equipment for the production and maintenance of the PVC joinery.

Visit us and choose the style of profiles that suits you best. Our experts are willing to give you a real insight into a variety of possibilities offered by top quality GEALAN profiles. They will give you professional advice and ease your decision in finding the suitable model for you, one in the vast array of POIMEX's PVC products.

POIMEX offers the highest professional service, starting with making measurements, manufacturing, transporting and installing your windows and doors.

So, why choose POIMEX? Our advantage lies in the fact that we are specialised in making arched windows and doors. Also, we are famous for doing our best to meet the needs of our respected customers.

Correct and professional, that's what we are!


PC POIMEX - Pozarevac

Ilije Gojkovica 7

tel:    +381 12 555 495
fax:   +381 12 555 492
e-mail:    POIMEXPO@yahoo.com