- Why PVC?

It is not widely known that the origins of making PVC joinery date back to 1956. Nowadays you can rarely find windows and doors made of other materials. If you ask yourself why is that so, the answer is very simple: because PVC material has proved itself the best in being resistant to the harsh weather conditions, especially wind and rain, it offers supreme sound and thermal insulation and it is very durable.

- Stabilty 

An important aspect of choosing PVC system is the stability of doors which is accomplished by means of welded angle joints made of hard PVC. Owing to this, supporting steel structure in the corners in unbreakable.

- Supreme thermal and sound insulation

POIMEX with its PVC profile system, offers the most thermally efficient window joinery system , as well as special profiles for doorsteps which are also second to none in providing perfect thermal insulation. So, thanks to the unrivalled insulation system, GEALAN PVC windows and doors considerably reduce your heating expenses. Multi-cell profile system, in combination with the appropriate insulating glass, enables perfect sound insulation. Our PVC joinery deserves the top quality double glazing insulating glass. Unlike aluminium profiles, PVC profiles are not able to conduct heat, and that makes them efficient in eliminating condensation, which makes them warmer, cleaner, not to mention healthier.

- Different colours and designs

In order to fulfill your wishes and dreams, and make your home a drier, warmer and more comfortable place to live in, POIMEX produces GEALAN PVC joinery in different colours and designs

- Security

The design of your doors should, at first place, emphasise the uniqueness of your house, but also ensure superior security of your home. That's why GEALAN has devised PVC profiles that meet all the requirements for producing main or side entrance doors. POIMEX uses enhanced locking system, made of multi-point bolt locks. With this system your windows are perfectly secure, even if not completely closed, but left ajar for ventilation. Year in and year out, GEALAN windows and doors will be opened and closed as easily as on the first day.

- Maintenance

PVC windows and doors are suitable for all climates and resistable to the severe weather conditions. They are designed to last the lifetime inspite of being exposed to sun rays for many years. The technology of GEALAN profiles manufacturing makes them durable and excludes the need for repainting. To clean your windows and doors, you don't need any special chemical agents, just ordinary cleaning liquids .

So, if you need windows and doors, don't hesitate, POIMEX is the right place for you to come! You'll be offered aesthetically, ecologically and economically worthwhile produce, superbly design, the produce whose quality was continuously being acknowledged on the market over the last five decades.

In POIMEX you'll find answers to all your inquiries, save your precious time and money and last but not the least, you'll be surely satisfied!


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